I am the mother of a wonderful son, a filmmaker, screenwriter, director, actress and vocal coach, living in Austria´s beautiful capital Vienna. Being also a bit of a nerd inside, one of my hobbies is studying astronomy and I really love my cup of coffee :)

Living la dolce vita means to me to go the middle path. I am not a health guru, nor do I want to restrict myself from the odd indulgence now and then. 
In my opinion maintaining balance keeps body, mind and soul in a good place . A place where I feel that I can be the best mum I can be, and evolve towards the best version of myself as a human being at the same time.
I have always been interested in living a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle, preferring clean and real food, never being shy of experimenting with DIY alternatives to conventional cosmetics, remedies and household cleaners.

The journey of this blog began when my son was diagnosed with neurodermatitis. While I have tried everything I came across during my research that made sense to me to improve his life quality, looked into a broad variety of therapies promising a cure, I discovered that nutrition has a major impact on his skin´s condition.
While some foods improve it, others make it worse. 
Subsequently, I began researching on alternative ways to prepare our favorite meals and treats in a way that we can all enjoy them together without feeling that we miss out on anything. Most of them are vegan or at least vegetarian, dairy-free and without refined sugar. I concentrate on pure and clean ingredients rather than using expensive, often packed with unpronounceable ingredients, replacements for eggs, dairy & co.

A lot of times, I take my own cakes or snacks to birthday parties or get-togethers to make sure my son can indulge in the same way as all the other kids. To my surprise my recipes became such a hit that I got more and more requests to share them. 
That´s when I decided to create this blog in order to make it easier for my friends to have access to my recipes.  I started it in German, but I am now working on the English version, gradually translating all existing posts while also working on new ones. 
Since I have always been interested in living a healthier lifestyle (even more so since I am a mum) not exclusively meaning nutrition, I am also sharing my experiences and ideas for cheaper and more environmental friendly alternatives for beauty, health and household. 

So keep coming back, to find more delicious and healthy recipes, tips and tricks for a more sustainable and enjoyable life :)
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Romana xxx

Don´t let people make you feel bad or guilty for living your life. 
It is your life. 
Live it the way you want.

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